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Pakistan China Institute taught me how to accomplish wonders in a given time frame. It challenged my abilities and motivated me to reach the higher sky every day. The internship gave me great insights on how to coordinate project plans, scheduling and documentation for small but high profile projects, and it should be praised for creating a sense of initiative and problem-solving abilities within its employees. The institute enables the person to use different perspectives when coordinating research and handling the streamlined proposal developments in various tasks assigned. It is without doubt that the team at PCI provides an advanced admininistrative support entitling planned and assembled materials for high-profile meetings. I wish the PCI family great luck for its future endeavors.

Ijlal Haider


Interning at Pakistan-China institute was a worthwhile and rewarding experience. Getting the chance to attend events, multilateral talks and seeing well-known speakers in a stimulating environment was a privilege. The internship has also given me valuable work experience whilst complementing my academic interests regarding International affairs especially with regard to CPEC. Interns at PCI are trusted as valuable members of the team, and they occupy an important role which goes beyond merely carrying out administrative tasks. I am very grateful to have had this learning opportunity and I firmly believe that the experience I have gained at PCI will continue to help me for years to come.

Sualehah Abad 
Bahria University, Islamabad 

Pakistan China Institute has provided me with a very rich learning experience. It's role in the past years has been pivotal in terms of contributing to Pakistan China relationships. All credit goes to Mr. Sayed Mustafa and his team of dedicated professionals.

I can safely say that PCI helped improve my professional and personal skills and was nothing short of a life-worthy experience.

P.S the picture defines my time at PCI

Fahad Iqbal Awan
NUST Business School

From drafting project proposals to executing international conferences, my internship experience at the Pakistan-China Institute turned out to be the foundation of my professional career. While working on my landmark assignment - formulation of a comprehensive CPEC Projects Database - PCI provided me the opportunity to engage with Pakistan's top policy makers and learn from them. Based on my performance during the course of this internship, I was offered a permanent position at the Institute right after my graduation. Pakistan-China Institute’s dynamic internship program offers students a chance to excel in all paradigms, increasing their knowledge base and inculcating in them the ability to adapt and thrive in diverse and volatile environments.

Harris Azhar
Pakistan-China Institute

Working on projects that are uniquely important to Pakistan and China today, the internship at Pakistan-China Institute granted me unparalleled access to top policy-makers and experts of the day. From attending discussions and meetings with key legislators, patrons and heads of important institutions, to assisting in formulating and executing new projects, PCI provided me with a dynamic space to continue to learn, practice, experiment and grow as an individual - both professionally and personally. Throughout the course of my internship, I was mentored by PCI’s innovative and energetic team, and was eventually offered a permanent position at the Institute. The internship at PCI provided me with a solid ground to build my career in the development sector, and it has been one of the most valuable experiences of my career so far.

Amna Javed
Associate, Pakistan-China Institute & Assistant Editor, Youlin Magazine
Coordinator Pakistan-China Institute’s Internship Program 

Motivating, Challenging, Rewarding. These three words come into my mind immediately as I recall my exceptional experience of working as an intern at PCI in 2014.

The finest aspect about working at PCI was the strong work ethic that motivated me each day to improve my performance. In addition to this, I was provided various multi-faceted opportunities to polish my analytical and organizational skills. Whether it was carrying out independent research, taking part in seminars, organizing a conference or writing for Youlin Magazine, I was not restricted to a specific theme but was allowed to work in diverse areas. 

I will always hold PCI in the highest regard as it was a worthwhile experience for me and I enjoyed working with a cooperative and inspiring team.

Arshmah Jamil
Program Associate
United Nations International Organization for Migration (IOM)

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