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Youlin Magazine

Youlin Magazine

Pakistan-China Institute, in collaboration with the International Culture Exchange Association of Xinjiang, produces a monthly publication, titled ‘Youlin Magazine’. Launched in February 2012, the magazine is dedicated to developing a deeper understanding and appreciation of the rich Chinese civilization and history, among the people of Pakistan. The magazine features articles on wide spectra of Chinese society and culture, including ancient cities, geographical wonders, heritage, archeological sites, museums, classical and contemporary art, budding metropolises, diverse ethnic nationalities and both classic and contemporary offerings. It has a wide circulation in major Chinese cities as well as in Pakistan.

Website: www.youlinmagazine.com

Xi Jinping: On Governance

Xi Jinping Book

The Pakistan-China Institute, in collaboration with the Embassy of People’s Republic of China, launched the book ‘The Governance of China’ by Xi Jinping, in December 2014. This was the first time that the President’s book was launched outside China, and reflects a great honor for our institute.

Comprising of 79 speeches, talks, interviews, instructions and correspondence, ‘The Governance of China’ is a compilation of President Xi Jinping’s works from 15th November 2012 to 13th June 2014. For the readers’ understanding, each item in the book has been supplemented by relevant notes about China’s social system, its history and its culture. The book also highlights the President’s vision for the future of China and sheds light on various dimensions of China’s policies on energy, economy, technology, security and governance. The book helps to better interpret the concepts and principles of the Communist Party of China with respect to their governance and also enables the international community to comprehend the future aspirations of the Chinese, their development ideas, as well as China’s domestic and foreign policies. Pakistan-China Institute has also initiated work on launching an Urdu translation of the book.

Travels Across the Silk Road: Lessons from the Asian Borderlands

Travels Across the Silk Road

This publication, produced in collaboration with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, is a travelogue by Professor Li Xiguang of Tsinghua University. In his travelogue, Professor Li Xiguang has recorded his experiences on a teaching seminar across the Asian borderlands with his colleagues and students.

Part travelogue, part historical record, this publication is an account of Professor Li’s teaching methods, the varied learning experiences of his students, interactions with renowned personalities, and visits to places of ancient historical and geographical significance.

Handbook on Relations between China and Pakistan

Handbook on Relations between China and Pakistan

This volume, edited by Chairman of the Pakistan-China Institute Senator Mushahid Hussain, is an all-encompassing document with a comprehensive history of each aspect of bilateral relations between the two countries. Contributing authors include former and practicing diplomats, from China and Pakistan, strategists, political analysts, retired servicemen from the armed forces, and educators.

From Lahore to Yarqand

Pakistan-China Institute has had the honor of publishing an exclusive travelogue on China’s Xinjiang Region, written by Pakistan’s most renowned travelogue writer, Mustansar Hussain Tarar. The travelogue is an account of Mr. Tarar’s journey across China’s largest (by area) province, his visit to various cities in Xinjiang and interactions with the locals. He beautifully narrates the diversity of culture in this ethnically and historically rich region. Tarar, very candidly, takes his readers on a remarkable journey through the trials and tribulations of the Chinese Turkestan.

Post-Conference Book on the Islamabad Trilateral Dialogue

Post-Conference Book on the Islamabad Trilateral Dialogue

Pakistan-China Institute with assistance from Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) published a Post Conference Book on the Islamabad Trilateral Dialogue: China-Afghanistan-Pakistan, organized in October 2014. The book presents a comprehensive documentation of the proceedings of the two-day International Conference. This conference was the second in the series, after the Beijing Trilateral Dialogue of August 2013, which discussed the current situation in Afghanistan and its ramifications for the region. The Islamabad Trilateral Dialogue brought together experts, analysts, policy makers, and civil society members from all three countries, to work collectively on discussing major areas of concern for regional peace, stability and security in the wake of withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghan Soil. The book has been presented for the public record as a reference document and source material for academicians, researchers and policy makers.