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About Pakistan-China Institute

Launched on 1st October 2009, under the Chairmanship of Senator Mushahid Hussain, Pakistan-China Institute (PCI) is the first of its kind non-governmental, non-partisan and non-political think-tank. PCI endeavors to be the principal non-governmental platform to promote people to people ties between Pakistan and China in all areas particularly defense and diplomacy, education and energy, economy and environment, and with a particular focus on youth and women.

On its course to materializing this vision, PCI aspires to lead rigorous discussions and in depth analysis by undertaking multi-faceted initiatives including conferences, lectures, exchange of visits, journals, e-magazines and documentaries.

PCI is a frontline advocate for the pivotal bilateral relationship between China and Pakistan and within a short span, it has emerged as a credible institution in both countries, and a premiere entity, which different sections of both societies turn to for advice, assistance and information.

Pakistan-China Institute aims to take up a leading role in generating discussions and analysis on multiple aspects of the diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan, as well as the entire region. In the Asian Century, the need for a platform that fosters people-to-people contact in the region is crucial. An integral part of PCI’s mission is to serve as a resource to all those who seek a better understanding of the changing dynamics of regional relations, particularly in relation to Pakistan and China.

Pakistan China Institute, an independent, non-partisan research think thank and publisher, is dedicated to functioning as a resource for government officials, educators, students, civic leaders and all interested citizens to help them better understand the geostrategic dynamics of Asia.

Chairman's Message

Mushahid Hussain SayedSince the first steps that Pakistan and China took towards each other in the 1950s, the bilateral relationship between our two countries has transformed into a deep bond based on shared values and interests, and is now a fully grown partnership for peace, progress and prosperity in the 21st Century.  However, while the official state-to-state relations are solid and strong, there has been a missing dimension, namely, in the area of people-to-people contact and communication.

The Pakistan-China Institute, launched on October 1, 2009, has endeavoured to bridge this gap by serving as the principal non-governmental, non-political and non-partisan platform to bring the peoples of Pakistan and China together in all areas of human endeavour. Our objective is to adopt an innovative approach to promote a bilateral bond that is today pivotal to the future stability, security and prosperity of Pakistan, and to China’s own interests as well as regional stability. Within a short span, PCI has emerged as a credible Institution in both countries, and the premier entity to which different sections of both societies turn for advice, assistance and guidance.

For me, personally, it has also been a “Long March” of learning, discovering, and traveling in China, a journey I started as a teenager when I first went to China in 1970. In the course of some 40 visits in the last 40 years, I have seen China transform from an isolated, under-developed country to the world’s second fastest growing economy and a world power that today ranks as the major competitor of the advanced, industrialized West.

Speaking as a Pakistani, a citizen looking at the future of his country, I believe it is imperative that we look at things within a broader strategic level, in the context of where we are located, with a peacefully rising China at the helm of an Asian century in which the balance of economic and political power is shifting from the West to the East. I feel that Pakistan’s political stability, economic strength, and the prosperity of its people is inextricably intertwined with our relationship with China, given that it is our closest friend and also our most reliable partner. Based on the track record of our bilateral relations and on the mutuality of interests, I believe that Pakistan and China today are a source of strength for each other.

There is a popular Chinese saying: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." With PCI, we aim to take an old bond to new depths and a timeless friendship to new strengths.

Executive Director's Vision

Mustafa Hyder SayedThe Pakistan-China Institute aims to envelope the rich and diverse bilateral relationship that has evolved to date between Pakistan and China. In addition to being neighbors in a dynamic and often time challenging region, it is key that Pakistan learns from the rapid economic and social progress of China and devises informed strategies to resolve the energy security, law and order, environmental and economic challenges that it faces.

By solidifying the stake of both the countries in each other’s future, the Institute aims to promote the bilateral economic cooperation and trade to bring it to par with the strategic partnership that Pakistan and China share.

Considering that in a year, the Pakistan-China Institute has managed to emerge as the frontline advocate for the pivotal bilateral relationship between Pakistan and China by disseminating knowledge, research and bridge-building efforts, I see the Pakistan-China Institute as growing in parallel to the Pakistan-China relationship in relevance and continuing to be the engine for both the countries in the Track 2 diplomacy, ensuring peace, development and security in the region.

Mustafa Hyder Sayed
Executive Director

Working with Us

Currently there are no vacancies available. 
However, we are always keen to meet energetic and talented professionals who would like to join our team.
If you wish to be considered for any future positions, please send your CV and covering letter to:


In a constantly evolving industry, the Pakistan-China Institute takes the development of high-quality future leaders very seriously. Our year-round internship program offers university students an unparalleled platform to gain valuable professional experience.

While the work we offer will keep you intellectually challenged, you will find that the quality of our people makes working at PCI personally, and professionally, rewarding. We actively encourage the vibrant exchange of ideas and information, and value learning that is gained through practical experience rather than theoretical knowledge. In fact, PCI offers its interns an opportunity to apply what they have learned and customize it for the situation given at hand.  


Working for PCI, interns can expect to be engaged in work related to research and writing on topics that are making headlines –  a great way to stay posted with current affairs – or become part of our cultural magazine, The Youlin Magazine, which will provide them with ample room to come up with their own ideas and contribution. PCI also involves its interns in organizing events and handling tasks related to logistics, as well as a platform for networking.

At the end of their internship students will have a better understanding of international relations, diplomacy, and culture (particularly that of Pakistan and China), of teamwork and professionalism.

Who Should Apply?

Our team is searching for highly ambitious students with notable leadership qualities, who possess the ability to adapt to different work situations and are willing to take on diverse challenges. If you are an ambitious college student with innovative ideas and are looking for a challenging internship where you can make your aspirations a reality, send your CV and covering letter to info@pakistan-china.com and expect your interview call soon after!


Meet our Interns

Ijlal Haider

Ijlal Haider

Pakistan China Institute taught me how to accomplish wonders in a given time frame. It challenged my abilities and motivated me to reach the higher sky every day. The internship gave me great insights on how to coordinate project plans, scheduling and documentation for small but high profile projects, and it should be praised for creating a sens...

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Sualehah Abad

Sualehah Abad

Interning at Pakistan-China institute was a worthwhile and rewarding experience. Getting the chance to attend events, multilateral talks and seeing well-known speakers in a stimulating environment was a privilege. The internship has also given me valuable work experience whilst complementing my academic interests regarding International affairs ...

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Fahad Iqbal Awan

Fahad Iqbal Awan

Pakistan China Institute has provided me with a very rich learning experience. It's role in the past years has been pivotal in terms of contributing to Pakistan China relationships. All credit goes to Mr. Sayed Mustafa and his team of dedicated professionals.

I can safely say that PCI helped improve my professional and personal ski...

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Harris Azhar

Harris Azhar

From drafting project proposals to executing international conferences, my internship experience at the Pakistan-China Institute turned out to be the foundation of my professional career. While working on my landmark assignment - formulation of a comprehensive CPEC Projects Database - PCI provided me the opportunity to engage with Pakistan's...

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Amna Javed

Amna Javed

Working on projects that are uniquely important to Pakistan and China today, the internship at Pakistan-China Institute granted me unparalleled access to top policy-makers and experts of the day. From attending discussions and meetings with key legislators, patrons and heads of important institutions, to assisting in formulating and executing ne...

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