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CPIFA calls on Chairman Parliamentary Committee on CPEC

Source : Pakistan-China Institute (PCI)   Date : 24-02-2017   

CPIFA calls on Chairman Parliamentary Committee on CPEC
Senator Mushahid Hussain presenting a memento to Ambassador Lu Shumin, on latter's visit to the Parliament of Pakistan.

Islamabad, Pakistan: Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs (CPIFA), led by Ambassador Lu Shumin met with Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on CPEC, along with Ambassador Khalid Mahmood, President of Islamabad Council of World Affairs (ICWA) for an in depth exchange of views on Pakistan-China bilateral relations, specifically the progress made on the projects of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

CPEC has entered its implementation phase with multiple projects under construction, that are helping Pakistan with its desired economic turnover, and a positive outlook that is attracting more investments. The Parliamentary Committee is providing an overwatch function for the project, gauging each step of project planning and implementation for inclusivity and across the board benefits. The committee constitutes of members from all political groups of each province, exhibiting a national consensus on the CPEC project.

CPIFA is a premier Chinese think-tank. Established by Premier Chou En Lai, it is part of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs with serving diplomats working for it.

Senator Mushahid briefed the delegation on the mechanisms of the Parliamentary Committee on CPEC, as well as, the progress of CPEC projects.

The eight-member CPIFA delegation led by its Executive Vice President, a veteran diplomat included: Amb Peng Keyu, Mayo Siewei, (both former diplomats and South Asian experts), Prof M.A Jiali, Director Center for Strategic Studies, Prof Ye Hailin, Chinese of Academy of Social Science, Shen Jun and Zeng Aiping (both CPIFA officials). ICWA was represented by Ambassador Khalid Mehmood and Ambassador Afzal Akbar Khan, Secretary General, ICWA.