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Launching Ceremony of the Book 'THE GOVERNANCE OF CHINA' by 'PRESIDENT XI JINPING'

Date : December 19, 2014   

Launching Ceremony of the Book 'THE GOVERNANCE OF CHINA' by 'PRESIDENT XI JINPING'

Islamabad December 19, 2014: The Pakistan-China Institute, in collaboration with the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, held the Launching Ceremony of President Xi Jinping’s Book, “The Governance of China” at the Pak-China Friendship Centre, Islamabad. The Ceremony was preceded by a “Policy Briefing on the Rule of Law Made by the 4th Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC)”.

Mr. Wang Hongxiang, Director-General of International Department of Communist Party of China, in his briefing to the audience, stated that the Rule of Law is the most scientific approach of a society towards corruption, maintaining good governance, ensuring transparency and guiding the leadership according to the country’s law and constitution. The Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) was held in Beijing from October 20 to 23, 2014. It has been termed as a milestone in China’s political reforms and progress, as it was devoted to the central theme of Rule of Law for the first time in the Party’s history. The general target of the session was to form a system serving "the socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics" and build a country under "the socialist rule of law.” Mr. Wang informed the public that the drafting process of the Rule of Law took 8 months in which five sessions were presided over by President Xi Jinping himself. This process of drafting and then the formation of Rule of Law reflect democracy not only inside CPC but in China as well.  A coordinated systematic approach in domestic politics and overall design for a developed society in supporting decisions and interpreting the concept of Rule of Law is the base of socialist society.

Following the briefing, the Launching Ceremony began. The President of Pakistan, Mr. Mamnoon Hussain graced the ceremony as Chief Guest, while the guest of honor was the Vice Minister, International Department of the Communist Party of China, Mr. Chen Fengxiang. Chairman, Pakistan-China Institute, Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed chaired the ceremony which was attended by senior dignitaries from the governments of both the countries as well as the intelligentsia.

In his address, Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed stated: “In this book, which is being launched for the first time in Pakistan as well as in Asia, Chinese President Xi Jinping puts forward new thoughts, ideas and assessments, in response to major theoretical and practical issues on the development of the Party and the country in the contemporary era.” He asserted that “The theories in the book highlight the central leadership’s ideas and strategies in governing the country which is also helpful to us.”  

Mr. Wang Leiming from the State Information Office briefed that the book had been compiled jointly by the State Council Information Office, the Party Literature Research Office of the CPC Central Committee and China International Publishing Group and is available in multiple languages including Chinese, English, French, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Japanese. It has 18 categories, containing 79 speeches, informal talks, addresses, answers to questions from the press, approvals and congratulatory letters from President Xi Jinping between November 15, 2012 and June 13, 2014.

Vice Minister, Mr. Chen Fengxiang in his address, stated that Chinese community desire that readers understand the theory reflected in the book and to safeguard regional stability and security, must interpret the book keeping in view the peaceful foreign policy of China.  

Ambassador of China to Pakistan, H.E. Sun Weidong, remarked the large gathering as the expression of strong Pak-China friendship. He began his speech by condemning the terrorist attack in Peshawar and assured that China will always support Pakistan being its strategic partner to combat terrorism and extremism and for this purpose cooperative security concept must be adopted by both countries. He remarked that both countries will promote the dream of everlasting diplomatic relation which started 66 years ago with equality, trust and respect because this relationship is not only time tested but maintains momentum of development as well.

At the outset of his speech H.E. President Mamnoon Hussain condemned the terrorist attack in Peshawar and declared that this attack cannot deteriorate our mission to eradicate terrorism. President Mamnoon said that both countries have made further strides in the new chapter of bilateral collaboration, particularly on economic front that was evident from the recent fruitful visit of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to China which saw the conclusion of 19 memorandums of understanding (MoUs) relating to energy, infrastructure and other projects. "Pak-China Economic Corridor is the flagship project for this new phase of relationship and by linking the Gwadar Port via the Karakoram Highway with Xinjiang, the economic corridor will be a transformational project for the economies of both countries," he added.
 Commenting on the book, President Mamnoon Hussain said that, “the book contained Xi Jinping's important speeches, remarks and policy pronouncements. The book emphatically expounds the Chinese government's outlook and views on specific issues besides providing a comprehensive overview of the ideas of the Communist Party of China on effectively governing the world's second largest economy." The President expressed hope that the book would assist its readership to understand the Chinese government under the dynamic leadership of Xi Jinping as well as China's ideologies, pattern of development, policies and diplomacy. He concluded by emphasizing that, "The people of Pakistan and China have stood shoulder to shoulder through every trial and tribulation. We cherish the same ideals of freedom, dignity and the right to peaceful pursuit of development. We are truly Iron Brothers."

Towards the end, Ambassador Sun Weidong and Vice Minister Mr. Chen Fengxiang presented the President Xi Jinping’s Book “THE GOVERNANCE OF CHINA” to the President of Pakistan, H.E Mamnoon Hussain as well as to other dignitaries present at the ceremony. Following the presentation of Book, Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed gave a vote of thanks to the audience and organizers and then brought the ceremony to a close.